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Eslie D. Jenson 

Eslie Devoe Jenson was born to James Jenson and Christina Anderson on May 18, 1895 in Millville, Cache County, Utah.  He married Letha Orleage Olson in the Logan Temple May 16, 1917.  In January, 1936, he with his wife and six others, Martin Olson, Fanny J. Olson, Earl D. Olson, Martha Y. Jessop, Allie Jessop, and Don E. Wayman, were summoned to the Hyrum Stake High Council Court for “refusing to sign a statement pledging your support to the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  (“Mass Excommuniations: Millville Saints Refuse to Surrender Free Agency,” Truth [March 1936] 1:129-132.)  They responded to the summons with a lengthy letter stating “”we most respectfully and very deeply regret that we cannot subscribe to the... pledge.”  (Ibid.)  Although none of the eight were then polygamists, they were all excommunicated.  See also “It is Written Trends Towards Dictatorship in Church and State,” Truth (December 1937) 3:115.