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Guy Musser 

During the year of 1945, John Y. Barlow felt inspired to add two more members to the Priesthood Council, Rulon Jeffs[1] and Guy Musser, expanding the number of members of the Council to nine.  Born in 1910 to Joseph and Mary Hill Musser, Guy Musser was the only one of Joseph’s nineteen children to follow his father’s beliefs.  The elder Musser recorded that on 27 May 1935, “At special Priesthood meeting...  The Spirit of the Lord was strongly manifested throughout the meeting.  At the close of the meeting my son Guy came and confessed that my testimony was true and he was with me.  We embraced and kissed and shed tears of gladness.  I feel at least one of my children is with me and through him others will become converted.”[2] Years later his sister, Blanche wrote: “[Guy] was possessed of knowledge and wisdom beyond his years.  He was especially gifted in music and had a beautiful singing voice.”  And she added, “Guy never married.”[3]

[1]    .  Rulon Jeffs was ordained 20 April 1945. Jeffs, “Deposition 4-5 April 1989,” 19.

[2]    .  Ibid., 27 May 1935.

[3]    .  Belcher, “Life of Mary Caroline Hill Musser.”  Reportedly, “Guy Musser had a secret life style” with plural wives and children (Mackert, Sixth of Seven Wives, 131, 136, 232-33).