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 “Independents” With Ties to the Allreds

As with all fundamentalists groups, significant numbers also leave the flock each year and Rulon Allred often sorrowed that men that would leave the Priesthood Group and function independent of his authority and the Priesthood Council’s guidance.  “We find men in the Priesthood who grow so self-confident in their own ability to cope with all situations that they no longer need the direction of their file leaders in anything.  They no longer attend their Priesthood meetings.  They become independent.”[1]  In 1975 he further instructed: 

We have those who proudly acknowledge that they are independents.  How did they become independent?  Well, they came to those who had authority in every instance that I know of, and had one or more wives sealed to them.  Then they became so wise in their own self-conceit that they no longer needed that authority.  So they go out to people who have been denounced and discredited and removed by the voice of God through these men who have this authority, and have other wives sealed to them.  Now if this was all of it, that’s bad enough, it is damnable.  But that is only the beginning of it.

After awhile they get so wise and so smart that they don’t need even these men who have been removed from the councils of the Priesthood to perform the ordinances.  But they will choose one of their brethren who is an independent, who has no claim to authority, and they’ll have him perform this ordinance for them.  Or, in the final step of degradation and self-sufficiency, they will perform the ordinance for themselves.

To have a man who is an independent perform a marriage for an independent may give you polygamy.  But as God lives, it doesn’t give you celestial marriage.[2]

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