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 The Naylor Group (Salt Lake County) 

The Naylor Group traces their authority through Alma Del Timpson, the last member of the Priesthood Council called by John Y. Barlow.  Together, Timpson and Marion Hammon separated from the FLDS Church at Colorado city in 1986 forming the “Second Ward” at Centennial Park a short distance away.

Hammon passed away in 1988 leaving Alma Timpson in charge and as the presiding priesthood leader.  He soon called his son John Timpson and Frank Naylor as apostles and Ivan Neilsen as a high priest and later as bishop.  Eventually, Naylor and Nielsen disagreed with Timpson’s leadership, prompting them to migrate north to Salt Lake County.  With Frank Naylor presiding, they proselytized other members of the FLDS Church and the “Second Ward” to join them.  Today with over 200 believers, they have constructed their own meeting house and continue to practice polygamy, emphasizing other fundamentalist themes.[1]

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