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 Ross Wesley LeBaron 

Within months of the organization of the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times, disagreements arose causing Joel and Ross to part ways.  On 1 December 1955, Ross Wesley LeBaron incorporated his own church calling it simply, “The Church of the Firstborn.”  During the ensuing decades, Ross remained in Utah and quietly promoted his own Church, cultivating a small group of followers.  When asked in an interview 25 July 1959 concerning his priesthood authority, Ross stated that he was “ordained by his father in March, 1950, and that Joseph W. Musser confirmed the patriarchal Priesthood of Dayer LeBaron the same day.”

Reportedly at one time Ross LeBaron lived in a storage unit with a dirt floor.  His beliefs extended beyond the doctrines of the restoration to include UFOs and other extra-terrestrial beings.[1]  Often invited to speak on local radio talk shows, most people considered him eccentric, but harmless.

Ross’ significance was enhanced through the attraction of three young followers, Fred Collier, Tom Green, and Robert Black.  All three of these disciples assisted Ross in exchange for an opportunity to learn his teachings.  Fred would become a prolific writer and proponent of plural marriage.  During the 1960s and 1970s, with the help of his wife Bonnie, Fred successfully acquired unauthorized copies of many documents that were smuggled in and out of LDS Church Archives.  His copies of documents, journals, discourses and early biographies would form the basis for many of his later publications.

Tom Green would become famous, or infamous, for his own endeavors to publicize his polygamous activities.  Tom believed Ross possessed an incredible depth of knowledge regarding patriarchal authority. 

After the death of Ross Wesley LeBaron, all three, Collier, Green and Black, would each claim that they were the recipient of Ross’s priesthood keys. 

 [1]    .  Robert Black, an expert in LeBaron doctrines recalled: “Ross did live in a storage shed on 33rd South. He did believe in UFOs. In fact, that is how Father Adam and Jesus got around, or so he believed.”  (Personal Communication, 6 Feburary 2004.)