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 Tom Green 

Tom Green received prominence as he appeared on national television shows such as Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, Queen Latifah, Sally Jessy Rafael, and Dateline NBC.  Reportedly he received a revelation saying: “Don’t hide your light under a bushel, but let your light so shine before men so that they will see your good words and glorify your Father in Heaven.”[1]  After discussing this with his ten wives, he decided to broadcast his polygamist activities.

His openness was noticed by county prosecutor, David Levitt who brought charges against him for bigamy, criminal non-support and statutory rape.  One wife was only fourteen when they wed and the State of Utah asserted that he and his “wives” had received more than $647,000 in state and federal assistance, including $203,000 in food stamps and nearly $300,000 in medical and dental expenses since 1985.[2]  After a drawn out trial process, he was convicted and sentenced to prison,[3] prompting his five older wives to divorce him and leaving him with five spouses all at least twenty years younger than the 54 year old patriarch

Tom Green’s early affiliation with Mormon fundamentalism began with the Righteous Branch (Gerald Peterson Group) where he was an apostle.  His beliefs regarding priesthood authority appear to have evolved.  He now teaches that there are “Apostolic Priesthood Keys” and “Patriarchal Keys” that are for “the times of the Gentiles” and for the “times of the Israel.”  Accordingly, these different keys are apparently held by different men at different times, thus shifting the identity of the presiding priesthood authority on earth. 

Green taught that Woolley and Musser were “adopted to Hyrum [Smith]” and held patriarchal authority.  But he believed that “Musser didn’t pass those keys on.”[4]  He also explained that “Benjamin F. Johnson held the highest priesthood authority on earth in his day.”  And that Johnson bestowed his authority on A. Dayer LeBaron, but Dayer’s “keys were inactive during his lifetime.”  Dayer gave his keys to his second oldest son, Ross LeBaron on 8 March 1950.  Then on 19 February 1985, Ross bestowed upon Tom Green “all the keys of the Patriarchal Priesthood that he himself held.”   And on 5 June 1994, Green claims that Ross anointed him, “to succeed him one day.”

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