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  Fundamental Doctrine Fundamentalist Doctrine
Plural Marriage Eternal Marriage required for Exaltation Plural Marriage required for Exaltation
Priesthood Conferral Either method: ordain directly to the office or confer priesthood, then ordain, accepted Must confer priesthood first, then ordain or it is not valid
Law of Consecration To be lived when commanded under Church direction Must be lived now without Church participation
Missionary Work Will be with or without purse and scrip as commanded by the Lord Must be without purse or scrip
Adam-God Theory Christ is the Great High Priest, Adam next, then Noah Adam is superior to Christ
One Mighty and Strong (D&C 85:7) To establish the Church and Law of Consecration in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri Will "set in order":

1. Practice of plural marriage

2. Church finances

3. The redemption of Israel

4. Being lead to Independence, Missouri

5. Terms used to confer priesthood

6. Law of consecration

7. Vindication of polygamists with Church memberships restored

8. Polygamists given leadership positions

in the Church


Gathering of Israel Gathering is to the Stakes of Zion to receive temple ordinances Gathering must be to a specific physical location (though they don't say where)

  Fundamental Doctrine Fundamentalist Doctrine
Priesthood: Authority to act for God Also is an organization existing outside of the Church
Highest Office Apostle High Priest Apostle
Highest Councils First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Council of Friends (Priesthood Council)
Ordinations Must be known to the Church Secret and unknown are acceptable
"One Man" (mentioned in D&C 132) Is always the President of the Church (D&C107:64-66, 82, 91) May be a man who is not a member of the Church
Members and Missionary Work All are commanded to preach the gospel Not that important if attempting to live the principle of plural marriage
Temple Work for the Dead All are commanded to become "saviors on mount Zion" Not that important if attempting to live the principle of plural marriage