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Prophecies of Lorin C. Woolley

As recorded in Joseph W. Musser's "Book of Remembrance"


             Look for the earth to be so wasted with calamities during next four years, the Lord will come and reorganize the government.  [Recorded November 8, 1932.][42]


            Anarchy may be manifested in streets of Salt Lake and other cities of 100,000 people, or less, before March 4, 1933.[43]


            At 1886 meeting John Taylor said: “Kings and Queens and the rulers of the earth will pay tribute to some of you and your associates.”[44]


            Don’t expect another presidential inaugurated under present form of government after March 4, 1933... [45]


            [9 March 1933] War eminent [sic] between Japan and United states.  50,000 Japs [sic] recently sent in to Mexico to colonize.  About 200,000 Japs there now.  They will likely take West Coast making San Diego a base.

            Russia has so much of the blood of Israel.  Millions will likely receive the gospel when the time comes, after which there will probably be a financial fight between Russia and England.”[46]


            Temple of Jackson County to be built before 1936, perhaps  by next April (1934).  Saw temple lot swept clean - being cleansed by hundreds of men with rakes, hoes etc.[47]


            Joseph Smith prophesied they (the Saints) would be using the temple (Jackson County) within 100 years from October 1834...

            President Taylor said, “Lorin boy, with hands on my head, ‘your spirit will not leave this place until the end of the millennium, then you will be one of those who will be changed in the twinkling of an eye’.”

            Brigham Young said, “You will be one of those who will not see death until after the millennium.”[48]


            On the 100th anniversary of the prophet’s martyrdom, a sacred council will be held in the temple in Jackson County, of Sanhedrin, Grand Council, Patriarchs.  Summer of 1936 Temple will be ready for ordinance work and will be commenced before the end of 1934.  Five feet longer and 2 1/2 feet wider than the Salt Lake Temple.[49]



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