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Fundamentalist Split that became the FLDS Church:

 Warren Jeffs (2002 to present) to Rulon Jeffs (1986-2002) to Leroy Johnson (1952-1986)


Fundamentalist split that became the Allred Group (Apostolic United Brethren or AUB):

LaMoine Jensen (2005 to present) to Owen Allred (1977-2005) to Rulon C. Allred (1954-1977)


Other Groups:

The Kingston Family

The LeBaron Family 


The original 1933 "Council of Seven Friends":

Lorin C. Woolley (leader to 1934)

J. Leslie Broadbent (1934-1935) 

John Y. Barlow (1935-1949)

Joseph W. Musser (1949-1954)

Charles Zitting 

LeGrand Woolley 

Louis Kelsch